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Ice cup 137*81*55,Unique design, multiple options


Stunning spiral pattern cup at first sight
Thick cup wall with creative texture, frosted matte surface enhances texture
The simple style is low-key and restrained, while the gold-edged style adds a touch of luxury
Used to drink whiskey, juice, all kinds of drinks are very brilliant,
White water can also drink emotional appeal
ice cup
Colorful glare
The light and shadow of the undulating irregular pattern reflect the reflection of the hammer pattern on the table, and the light and shadow are moving

Lead-free glass crystal clear
Glacier texture, exquisite and delicate, comfortable grip, overall thickened

spiral texture
Fine-grained cup body, multi-channel processing, rich texture

Round mouth
The mouth of the cup is round and smooth, hand-polished, comfortable to the touch, and refuses to hurt the lips


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