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Ice cup159*84*67,Unique design, multiple options

Long shiny
Nearly 98.8% light transmittance
Thin cup wall, crystal clear, no impurities, thousands of times of washing
Bright and clean as new, the sound of clinking glasses is graceful and long
transparent frosted ice cup
Versatile style, high value
Fashionable, elegant, generous and beautiful
No matter what style of home, it can be integrated into it
An artistic cup that adds color to life

thick feel
Special texture you deserve
The edge of the hammered cup is polished smoothly, the lines are smooth, and drinking water is comfortable
Thickened cup bottom design, stable placement, comfortable and stable grip

Real gold embellishment
Light luxury, low-key, gentle and elegant
Hand-blown hammer-mesh texture, clear and comfortable to the touch
Transparent fusion with glass, with hand-painted gold edge, more luxurious and fashionable

born for good
Collision mottled colors, releasing charming charm
The soft colors flow smoothly, as if falling into a fantasy sea of flowers
Unique shape, various colors, more gorgeous under the light and shadow, strong sense of fashion

rippling cup
Hammer pattern craft, light and shadow moving
Hammer texture design, like sparkling water
Shining a different kind of brilliance under the refraction of light, it looks extraordinarily delicate


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