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What are the special functions of frosted ice cups in making drinks?

Publish Time: 2023-12-18
Frosted ice cups have some special features when making drinks, making them ideal for cold drink making.
First of all, the material of frosted ice cups usually has good heat preservation properties and can maintain the temperature of the drink for a long time. This is important when making cold drinks, as many require cold temperatures to maintain their taste and flavor. Frosted ice cups can effectively slow down the cooling rate of drinks and keep cold drinks at the ideal temperature for a period of time.
Secondly, the surface treatment of the frosted ice cup has a unique frosted texture, which makes it easier for the drink to hang on the wall in the cup. This means that the drink will not slip easily in the cup and can better maintain the taste and flavor of the drink. At the same time, the frosted surface also increases the friction between the drink and the cup, making it more stable when holding the cup.
In addition, frosted ice cups also have some special design features. For example, some frosted ice cups have a non-slip design, making the cup more comfortable and easier to hold in the hand. At the same time, some frosted ice cups also have leak-proof designs, which can effectively prevent drinks from leaking during transportation or use.
In general, frosted ice cups have special functions such as heat preservation, wall hanging, anti-slip and anti-leakage when making drinks, making them an ideal choice for making cold drinks. These features not only enhance the taste and flavor of the beverage, but also increase comfort and convenience during use.

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